Welcome to FACS. What is FACS? What was once referred to as Home Economics is now FACS. Family and Consumer Science courses are available to students in Junior High through Senior High. The content of FACS comes from the synthesis of multiple disciplines. The content of courses might include, depending upon context: food, nutrition and health; textiles and clothing; shelter and housing; food science and hospitality; human development and family studies; child development; education and community services.

In today's world, it is constantly changing. The increase of knowledge concerning people and things has caused one to become aware of the definite need for a continuous developing curriculum. As our society changes, so has our family structure and basic unit. The needs of each family member change and become a challenge.

In order to produce healthy personalities and prepare these individuals for society, the Family and Consumer Science curriculum tries to meet these needs. Changes require a vision to help these needs. Human relations and management are two concepts that help direct the program. As the individual focuses on self, we prepare students for a variety of roles in their individual life and society.

Once the basic concepts of human relations and management have been achieved, the subject matter can be extended in a variety of areas. These areas may include: the individual and the home; food & nutrition; textiles & clothing; consumerism; and child development. Knowing the core of each area focuses on the family. Comfrey Public school incorporates these areas in small increments in the junior high and senior high FACS courses.

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