Winter Weather Procedures

When we make decisions affecting the normal hours of operation of the school,  a variety of factors are taken into consideration:

  • Road conditions
  • Temperature, wind chill and precipitation conditions and predictions
  • The ‘inconvenience’ factor of families’ work, day care and travel obligations
Any decision will have multiple impacts on many people. Please know that these decisions are done with the best information possible at the moment, realizing that there will be inconveniences for everyone when a decision is made to alter the normal schedule of school operation. 

If possible, announcements will be made the night before, otherwise the call will be made by 6:00 a.m. If there is not an announcement, you can assume that the school schedule is normal for the day. At times a late start will be announced and later changed to a school closing as conditions change or develop. If school is closed, an e-learning day may be announced, and students should follow e-learning plans for that day.

When students are released early, buses will transport students home if it safe to do so; however, we ask that you have arrangements made so students have an appropriate place to go if transportation safety is a concern. This process includes having your Snow Emergency Forms completed and filed in the office.

All school and Community Education activities are canceled when school is closed or when students are released early as a result of inclement weather.



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