Regular School Board Meeting
Comfrey Public School
February 23, 2015 
  • Members Present: Schumacher, Samuelson, Meyer, Peterson, Nachreiner and Superintendent Hutchison.
  • Members Absent: Toll.
  • Also Present: T. Holub, K. Hillesheim, and J. Tews.
  • Chair Schumacher called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
  • Recognition of Donations: $55.00 in memory of Richard Pidde for athletic field concession stand and north entrance; $75.00 in memory of Joan Eischen for the music dept.; $10.00 in memory of Joan Mathiowetz for the athletic field concession stand; and $200.00 from Brown County Rural Electric Trust for the garden.
  • Consent Agenda:
    • Adjustment to agenda
    • Bills in amount of $74,167.87 and February payroll of $138,461.83.
    • Minutes of  January 26, 2015 regular meeting;
    • Motion to approve by Meyer, Nachreiner. M/C
  • Approval of T & C Service Center Bill:
    • Approve bill in the amount of $51.48 by Nachreiner, Peterson. M/C
  • Public Forum: N/A
      Old Business
  • Safe Deposit Box: Motion to put Kris Evers on as a signer. Move appropriate items to safe deposit box. Samuelson, Meyer. M/C
  • Approve Revenue & Expenditure budget totals: Revenue: Fund 1- $1,871,288; Fund 2- $86,200; Fund 4- $83,790; and Fund 10- $54,000.  Expenditures: Fund 1 -$1,941,906; Fund 2- $126,620; Fund 4- $114,575; and Fund 10- $41,206.  Motion to approve Revenue: $2,095,278 and Expenditures: $2,224,307 by Meyer/Peterson. M/C
New Business
  • Insurance presentation by Karen Hillesheim: Gather more information for the March meeting.
  • Approval of Integration Budget: Motion to approve the Integration Budget as presented.  Meyer/Nachreiner. M/C
  • Approve of Cooperative Agreement with Coop for services: Tabled until March meeting; the Coop will come out and do a presentation.
  • Consider changing meeting time for March meeting: Motion to change the March meeting to March 23rd. Peterson, Nachreiner. M/C
  • School Security consideration: Motion to approve the keycard system.  Meyer, Peterson. M/C
Meeting reopened at 8:50 pm.
 Administrator’s Report:  Summary on progress of goals.
Committee Reports
  • Negotiations: Seminar in Mankato on Feb. 26th – Loren & Kirsten will be attending.
  • Meet and Confer: No meeting.
  • Community Ed: No meeting.
  • Pairing and Sharing: No meeting.
  • Harold Anderson: No meeting.
  • Appeals: No meeting.
  • Library: Darlene Arnsdorf was elected president.
  • Academic and Curriculum: No meeting.
  • Policy: No meeting.
  • Buildings and Grounds: Diesel fuel tank by school building will be removed by the end of the 2014-15 school year.
Motion to adjourn at 9:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by:
__________________________________                     ____________________________________
Loren Schumacher, Chair                                                             Andrea Toll, Clerk