Regular School Board Meeting
Comfrey Public School
May 18, 2015
  • Members Present: Meyer, Nachreiner, Peterson, Samuelson, Schumacher, Toll and Superintendent Hutchison.
  • Members Absent: N/A.
  • Also Present: A. Gode, L. Hillesheim, B. Carnell, B. Emineth, and A. Lee-Hesse.
  • Chair Schumacher called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
  • Recognition of Donations:  $275.00 from Darfur Sportsman’s Club for Trap Shooting Club; and $300.00 in memory of Julie Schmitt for the Music Dept., Daycare and Technology.
  • Consent Agenda:
    • Adjustment to agenda.
    • Bills in the amount of $62,422.51 and May Payroll not available at this time.
    • Correction of minutes for March 23, 2015.
    • Minutes of April 20, 2015 regular meeting.
    • Motion to approve by Meyer, Nachreiner.
  • Approval of T & C Service Center Bill: no current bill at this time.
  • Public Forum: Concerns about access to gym with new key card system. School access via key card was discussed. Member Peterson will gather information from neighboring schools and bring back to the Board for discussion.  Issues include: liability, security, access, supervision and classrooms.
      Old Business.
      New Business.
  • Approval of MSHSL membership for 2015-2016: Motion to approve by Samuelson/Peterson. Roll call all yes. M/C
  • Approval of Health & Safety policy: Motion to approve by Nachreiner/ Meyer. M/C
  • Placement of Non-Certified Staff on summer leave: Motion to approve by Meyer/Peterson. M/C
  • Custodian summer assistance approval: Motion to approve by Samuelson/Meyer. M/C
Minimum wage, need to be 16 years old, approve up to 60 hours with possibility of request for additional hours later in the summer.
  • Budget update for 2015-2016 – information.
  • Personnel.
      Accept resignation of Allie Vogel. Motion to approve by Peterson/Nachreiner. M/C
      Accept resignation of Brandan Heinze. Motion to approve by Samuelson/Meyer. M/C
     Accept resignation of Nick Nathe. Motion to approve by Nachreiner/Peterson. M/C
  • Decision on closing June regular board meeting for negotiations strategy session.  Motion to close the meeting by Meyer/Peterson. M/C
  • Calendar approval of 2015-2016: Motion to approve by Peterson/Samuelson. M/C
  • Aid Anticipation Resolution: Motion to adopt by Samuelson/Nachreiner. Roll call all yes. M/C
Administrator’s Report: Superintendent Hutchison reported that all spring testing is completed.  Scores may have been impacted by the testing service shut-downs.  Math interventions will continue next year with teachers specifically addressing concerns in the fall.  ACT was administered by Karen Poortvliet.  All students tested.  Daycare interviews are being conducted.  Current daycare staff needs to be commended for the extra time and effort they have provided during this transition time.
Committee Reports
  • Negotiations: Will have a meeting in June.
  • Meet and Confer: No meeting.
  • Community Ed: Steve Christensen is not coaching this year. Zach Kelly will with Logan Kelly helping.  Busing will be scheduled with current drivers.  Swimming lessons in Mt. Lake.
  • Pairing and Sharing: No meeting.
  • Harold Anderson: 4 applicants.
  • Appeals: No meeting.
  • Library: No meeting.
  • Academic and Curriculum: No meeting.
  • Policy: Committee will meet the beginning of June.
  • Buildings and Grounds: Gary Poortvliet will paint the pillars on the South side of the building.
Closed Meeting at 8:59 pm for Negotiations Strategy Session.
Opened Meeting at 10:12 pm.
Motion to adjourn at 10:13 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by:
__________________________________                ____________________________________
Loren Schumacher, Chairman                                Andrea Toll, Clerk