Regular Board Meeting
Comfrey Public School
Monday March 23rd, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
Comfrey School Elementary Computer Lab
1.0- Meeting call to order
2.0- Recognition/Acceptance of donations (action)
3.0- Approval of Consent Agenda (action)
3.1- Agenda of March 2015
3.2- Bills for March 2015
3.3- Minutes of February 2015
3.4- Minutes of March 10th, 2015 budget work session
4.0- Approval of T & C bill (action)
5.0- Public Forum
6.0- Old Business
6.1- Approve contract for special education services with SW/WC (action)
6.2 - Renew insurance (action)
7.0- New Business
7.1- Approval of contract with Eide Bailly (action)
7.2- Personnel
7.2.1Approve renewing contract for Abbey Taubert (action)
7.2.2Approve renewing contract for Mitchel Savage (action)
7.2.3Approve renewing contract for Nick Nathe (action)
7.2.4Approve offering contract to Corrine Hanson (action)
7.2.5Approve continuing contract status for Angela Blair (action)
7.2.6Approve assistant track coach Jake Cavanaugh (action)
7.2.7Approve Junior High baseball coach David Berner (action)
7.3- Approval of request for Senior privileges (action)
7.4- Future of FLY (discussion)
7.5- Budget update
7.6- Summary of closed meeting
8.0 - Administrator’s report
9.0 – Committee reports
10.0 - Adjournment