Regular Board Meeting
Comfrey Public School
Monday April 20th, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
Comfrey School Elementary Computer Lab
1.0- Meeting call to order
2.0- Recognition/Acceptance of donations (action)
3.0- Approval of Consent Agenda (action)
3.1- Agenda of April 2015
3.2- Bills for April 2015
3.3- Minutes of March 23, 2015  
4.0– Approval of T&C Bill (action)
5.0- Public Forum  
6.0- Old Business
6.1Approval of FLY continuation (action)
7.0– New Business
7.1 Approval of Legal Counsel Kevin Rupp for 2015-2016
7.2Approval of request for extended summer hours
7.2.1Janelle Tews (action)
7.2.2Donna Krueger (action)
7.2.3Tammy Hesse (action)
7.2.4Linda Schwab (action)
7.3 Designate Identified Official with Authority to authorize user access to MDE secure websites for Comfrey Public School (action)
7.4Approve calendar change for May calendar (action)
7.5Budget update – (information)
7.6Close meeting for negotiations discussion
8.0 - Administrator’s report
9.0 – Committee reports
10.0 – Adjournment