Comfrey Public School Regular Board Meeting - Agenda
Monday May 18th 2015, 7:30 p.m.
Comfrey School Elementary Computer Lab
1.0- Meeting call to order
2.0- Recognition/Acceptance of donations (action)
3.0- Approval of Consent Agenda (action)
3.1- Agenda of May 2015
3.2- Bills for May 2015
3.3- Correction of minutes for March 23rd 2015
3.3- Minutes of April 20th   2015  
4.0– Approval of T&C bill (action)
5.0- Public Forum
6.0-  Old Business
7.0- New Business
7.1MSHSL Resolution for membership 2015-2016 school year - (action)
7.2Approve Health and Safety policy (action)
7.3Placement of Non-Certified Staff on summer leave (action)
7.4Custodian summer assistance approval (action)
7.5Budget Update for 2015-2016 (information)
7.6.1Accept resignation of Allie Vogel (action)
7.6.2Accept resignation of Brandan Heinze (action)
7.6.3Accept resignation of Nicholas Nathe(action)
7.7Decision on closing June regular board meeting for negotiation’s strategy session (action)
7.8Calendar approval for 2015-2016 (action)
7.9Aid Anticipation Resolution (action)
8.0-  Administrator  report
9.0 - Committee reports
10.0-Close Meeting for Negotiations Strategy Session
11.0-Open Meeting