August 2015
Regular School Board Meeting
Comfrey Public School
August 17, 2015
  • Members Present: Samuelson, Schumacher, Meyer, Nachreiner, Toll & Supt. Hutchison.
  • Members Absent: Peterson.
  • Also Present: Terry Holub and Kris Sellner.
  • Chair Schumacher called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
  • Reading of Comfrey Public School’s Vision and Mission Statement.
  • Recognition of Donations:  Memory of Dianne Dougherty $25.00 from Gary & Karen Poortvliet.
  • Consent Agenda:
            Approve Agenda for Aug. 17, 2015.
Approve bills in the amount of $37,282.22 and Payroll related checks for August 2015 were not available at this time.
Approve Minutes of the July 20, 2015 Regular School Board Meeting.
Motion to approve by Samuelson/Nachreiner. M/C
  • Approval of T & C Service Center Bill: Bill in the amount of $39.59; Motion to approve
by Meyer/Samuelson. Abstained: Toll. M/C
  • Public Forum: None.
  • Second Reading of Gym Use Policy – informational. Will be acted on at next month’s meeting.
  • Resolution calling for an Operating Levy Referendum Election. Motion to approve by Meyer/Samuelson. M/C
  • Policy 501 School Weapons Policy. Motion to approve by Nachreiner/Toll. M/C
  • Policy 421 Gifts to Employees & School Board Members. Motion to approve by Meyer/Nachreiner. M/C
  • Policy 419 Tobacco-Free Environment. Motion to approve by Samuelson/Toll. M/C
  • Policy 206 Public Participation in School Board Meetings. Motion to approve by Nachreiner/Samuelson. M/C
  • Policy 710 Transportation Policy – (first reading).
  • Approve non-certified contract. Motion to approve by Toll/Nachreiner. M/C
  • Approve Advanced Health, Safety & Security contract for 2015-2016. Motion to approve by Meyer/Samuelson with the stipulation to hold payment until keycard system is installed. M/C
  • Adopt 10-Year Facilities Maintenance Plan. Motion to approve by Nachreiner/Meyer. M/C
  • Hire Pat Stresemann as a .5 paraprofessional.  Motion to approve by Meyer/Toll. M/C
  • Administrator’s Report: We have 13 new students enrolled.  The building is ready for school to start. Staff is going to Marshall to hear speaker as part of the FLY.   Thursday is a workday and Open House.
  • Committee Reports:
            Negotiations: Non-certified contract proposed and approved.
            Meet and Confer: no meeting.
            Community Education: all summer activities went well.
            Pairing/Sharing: no meeting.
            Harold Anderson: no meeting.
            Appeals: no meeting.
            Library: no meeting.
            Academic and Curriculum: no meeting.
            Policy: approved updated policies at tonight’s meeting.
            Building & Grounds: no meeting.
  • Motion to adjourn at 8:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by:
__________________________________                     ____________________________________
Loren Schumacher, Chairman                                  Andrea Toll, Clerk