October 2015
Regular School Board Meeting
Comfrey Public School
Oct. 19, 2015
Members Present: Meyer, Nachreiner, Peterson, Samuelson, Schumacher and Superintendent Hutchison.
Members Absent: Toll.
Also Present: T. Holub, J. Tews, and I. Wielenberg.
Chair Schumacher called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm.
Reading of Comfrey Public School’s Vision and Mission Statement by Schumacher.
Recognition of Donations:  $300.00 from Comfrey Area Pride for Comm. Ed. summer rec.; $500.00 from Comfrey Area Pride for the school; $500.00 from the City of Comfrey for Comm. Ed. summer rec.; $240.00 from South Point Federal Credit Union for elementary technology; $85.00 in memorials in memory of Judy Schroeder for FACS stoves; $50.00 in memorials in memory of Hayden Haken & Kirsten’s dad for the daycare from the Stresemann Family.
Consent Agenda:
            Approve Agenda for Oct. 19, 2015.
Approve bills in the amount of $79,314.94 and Payroll related checks for Oct. 2015 were $133,113.71.
Approve Minutes of the Sept. 21, 2015 Regular School Board Meeting.
Motion to approve by Peterson/Nachreiner. M/C
Approval of T & C Service Center Bill: Bill in the amount of $236.95 was approved for payment by Nachreiner/Meyer. M/C
Public Forum: None.
Approve Gym Use Policy.  Motion to approve by Peterson/Samuelson. M/C
Approve Transportation Policy.  Motion to approve by Nachreiner/Peterson. M/C
Approve the Assurance of Compliance Report.  Motion to approve by Meyer/Samuelson. M/C
Resolution to Support District Application to MSHSL Grant. Motion to approve by Peterson/Nachreiner.  M/C
Set date/time for canvassing election returns. Motion to set Nov. 9th at 6:30 pm by Samuelson/Meyer. M/C
Approve Notice of Testing of Optical Scan Voting System.  Motion to approve by Meyer/Peterson. M/C
Approve contract with Brown County for Election Service. Motion to approve by Nachreiner/Peterson. M/C
Superintendent Hutchison reported that NWEA scores are higher than MCA scores.
Superintendent Hutchison reported that 99% of the teacher responses for the evaluation of the Board have been returned.
Administrator’s Report: Choosing a Student of the Month for both Elementary and H.S.; and Tuesday, Oct. 20th at 7:00 pm is a Community Meeting for the upcoming Referendum.
Committee Reports:
           Negotiations: no meeting.
           Meet and Confer: no meeting.
           Community Ed: no meeting.
           Pairing and Sharing: will be setting up a meeting in November.
           Harold Anderson: no meeting.
           Appeals: no meeting.
           Library: looking for another representative – staff.
           Academic and Curriculum: meeting scheduled for Nov. 11th.
           Policy: no meeting.
           Buildings and Grounds: Elite Mechanical meeting scheduled for Monday, Oct. 26th.
            Motion to adjourn at 8:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by:
__________________________________                ____________________________________
Loren Schumacher, Chairman                                  Andrea Toll, Clerk