January 2018




Regular School Board Meeting

Comfrey Public School

January 29, 2018


Members Present: Hesse, Nachreiner, Peterson, Samuelson, Simon and Supt. Hutchison.

Member Absent: Toll.

Also Present: T. Holub, D. Krueger, J. Anderson, K. Hillesheim, and M. Mattison.

Chairman Samuelson called the meeting to order at 7:29 pm.

Reading of Comfrey Public School’s Vision and Mission Statements.

Recognition of Donations: None.

Consent Agenda:

            Agenda for Jan. 29, 2018.

            Bills in the amount of $76,042.16 and Payroll related check for January were $137,162.76.             Minutes of the Dec. 18, 2017 Regular Meeting.

Motion to approve by Nachreiner, Peterson.  M/C

Approval of T & C Service Center bill.

Public Forum: none.

Approve TDE revisions. Motion to approve by Hesse, Nachreiner.  M/C

Approve Resolution to Make Recommendations for Reductions. Motion to approve Resolution by Hesse, second by Simon.  M/C

Staff Proposals for 2018-2019 – information by Superintendent Hutchison.

Approval of Insurance Policy. Motion to approve by Peterson, Simon.  M/C

2017-2018 Budget update by Superintendent Hutchison.

Recognition of Paraprofessional Week by Superintendent Hutchison.

Special Education hire. Approved hiring of Lacey Seely as paraprofessional for special education for 35 hours per week. Simon, Nachreiner.  M/C

Use of school van.  Approved the use of the school van by Amy Lee-Hesse for band trip.  Peterson, Simon.  M/C

Administrator’s Report was given by Superintendent Hutchison.

Committee Reports

            Negotiations: none.

            Meet and Confer: none.

            Community Ed: none.

            Pairing and Sharing: none.

            Harold Anderson: none.

            Appeals: none.

            Library: none.

            Academic and Curriculum: none.

            Policy: none.

            Buildings and Grounds:  Had a meeting on Jan. 26.

Motion to adjourn at 8:18 p.m.


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Pete Samuelson, Chairman                                      Marilyn Peterson, Clerk