All breakfast is served with fruit, juice and milk.  Cereal is always an option.
All lunch is served with fruit, juice, fresh vegetables and milk.  
Menu subject to change.

September Breakfast Menu
6    Pancake, Sausage Patty
7    Cereal, Toast
8    Breakfast Pizza, Yogurt
9    Cereal, Cinnamon Roll
12  Cereal, Graham Crackers
13  French Toast Sticks, Ham Patty
14  Cereal, Toast
15  Breakfast Pizza, String Cheese
16  Cereal, Donut
19  Cereal, Muffin
20  Pancake Wrap, String Cheese
21  Cereal, Toast
22  Breakfast Pizza, Yogurt
23  Cereal, Frudel
26  Cereal, Breakfast Round
27  Waffle, Sausage Patty
28  Cereal, Toast
29  Breakfast Pizza, String Cheese
30  Cereal, Bagel

September Lunch Menu
6    Hot Dog/Bun, Baked Beans
7    Pizza, Fresh Veggie Salad
8    Chicken Nuggets, Hash Brown
9    BBQ/Bun, Green Beans
12  BBQ Rib/Bun, Carrots
13  Chicken Alfredo, Pasta, Peas
14  Corn Dog, Baked Beans
15  Ham, Cheese Bread, Green Beans
16  Sub Sandwich, Sun Chips
19  Hot Chicken/Bun, Sweet Potato Puffs
20  Egg Omelet, Hash Brown, Biscuit
21  Chili, Nachos/Cheese/Salsa
22  Fish Sticks or Square/Bun, Hash Brown
23  Pizza, Carrots
26  Chow Mein, Oriental Vegetables, Rice/Crispy Noodles

27  Taco in a Bag, Tomatoes/Lettuce
28  Spaghetti, Meat Sauce, Garlic Toast
29  Mini Corn Dogs, Baked Beans
30  Pulled Pork/Bun, Green Beans

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