School Calendar

Comfrey Public School
District # 81
305 Ochre Street West
Comfrey, Minnesota 56019
PHONE:  507-877-3491
FAX:  507-877-3492

ASVAB Test for Sophomores is on March 10
ACT for Juniors is on March 30

After school ACT prep will begin this week.

Welcome to the Comfrey Public School Website

Help Wanted:  Comfrey School Daycare is looking for someone to help in the daycare.       If interested please contact Kris Evers

School Board Meeting 7:30 p.m. in the Library March 17

PLC, Early Dismissal March 24

End of 3rd Quarter March 26



Comfrey Public School Learning Plan for 2020-2021 School Year
Safe Learning Plan Comfrey Public School August 2020



Vision of Comfrey Public School - We at Comfrey Public School envision a learning environment that offers a solid foundation of academics in a safe and enthusiastic atmosphere. We strive to nurture partnerships with the district students, staff and a supportive community. We are committed to excellence in education, individual involvement, lifelong learning and
responsible citizenship for all.

Mission of Comfrey Public School - At Comfrey Public School, our mission is to develop the life skills needed for our students to be successful. We provide individual attention and involvement opportunities; emphasizing quality education,
respect, integrity and accountability.