Every year students participate in several standardized testing experiences.

MCA tests are required by the state for students in grades 3-11. The grade levels for these test can be found on the testing schedule. MCA test results are used to assess needs for changes to curriculum, and they are also used to determine where additional support may be needed for students. More information about these tests can be found at https://education.mn.gov/mdeprod/groups/educ/documents/basic/mdaw/mdmx/~edisp/031107.pdf

NWEA tests are taken by students in a variety of grades based on district and instructor decisions. NWEA testing begins in kindergarten. These test results are used by teachers to monitor student progress in reading and math and also to determine any changes that may need to be made to curriculum. NWEA also indicates where students may need interventions. More information about NWEA testing can be found at https://www.testingmom.com/tests/nwea-map-test/

If you have any questions about testing or want to talk with your child's teacher about how test scores are used for your student, your questions are welcomed.

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