Comfrey Public School Childcare Center is currently full. We have no openings.
For more information on availability of openings please contact Kris Evers, Daycare Director, at 507-877-3491.

Childcare Center Information:

Ages Served: Infant - School Aged Children
Time: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Days: Monday through Friday (year round).
Closed on holidays, and one week during the summer for cleaning.

License Capacity
14 Children

3 infants: 6 weeks of age but less than 12 months of age.
1 toddler: 12 months old but less than 24 months old.
6 preschoolers: 24 months old to entering kindergarten.
4 School Age: Kindergarten to 10 years of age.

A combination total of no more than 4 shall be infants and toddlers; of this total, no more than 3 shall be infants.

Contract Agreement effective July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024.
Contracts are subject to change.

Full time Contract for a toddler or preschooler is $148.00 per week per child
Full time Contract for an infant is $158.00 per week per child 

Part-time Contract $110.00 per week per child

Drop-in Contract $4.25 per hour per child

A schedule is required for all children enrolled in the daycare. Each family will receive an updated Parent Handbook when contracts are signed.

Director: Kris Evers
Childcare Staff: Samantha Tomschin, Katelyn Evers and Corrine Herrig


This Childcare Center will be an educational partnership between the parents and the school. Information will be given to parents to enable them to learn more about effective parenting skills for their youngsters. The partnership between home and school is all about understanding children as they make that big transition from home to school and back to home again.


As part of the Comfrey Public School System, our childcare center follows the school's philosophy. We believe that each child needs to be an individual, to belong, to achieve, to discover, to love and be loved, in order to establish a good self image. Each child will be nurtured in a personal, caring way. Our staff will maintain a clean and safe environment in which the children can grow and develop.

We will provide an educationally stimulating environment. The Comfrey Public School Childcare Center has developed a schedule of daily activities that are developmentally appropriate. These activities will aid the child in his or her physical, social, intellectual, and emotional growth.

This childcare center is licensed as a Class C3 Childcare Center and follows the rules and regulations set by Brown County Family Services Child Care Licensing.

About Us
At Comfrey Public School, our mission is to develop the life skills needed for our students to be successful. We provide individual attention and involvement opportunities; emphasizing quality education, respect, integrity and accountability.
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(507) 877-3491
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