Hello! I am Kimberly Shideler. I teach 3rd-6th grade ELA and 4th-6th grade Math.
My husband Randy and I married in 2008. I graduated with my Bachelor's in Elementary Education from Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska in 2011. Since graduating we have lived in Iowa, Nebraska, and now Minnesota.  Since 2011 I have substitute taught for 5 years while we were growing our family, taught 5 year old Pre-K(for students were were ready for Kindergarten but their birthdays were past the cut-offs) for 4 years, taught 4th grade for a year then 6th grade for a year. 
My husband and I live in Mountain Lake with our 5 children Aspen (13 years old), Bridgette (11 years old), Maddox (10 years old), and identical twins Gray and Bodhi (7 years old). We also have a dog named Rebel, a cat named Minnie Mouse, and 3 rabbits named Honey-Nut, S'mores and Einstein. 
When I am not at school we spend our free time shuttling kids to their numerous activities and sports including: football, volleyball, hockey, tae-kwon-do, cheer, and soccer. We enjoy watching and cheering them on but it does keep us busy. When not shuttling kids to activities we love to have family movie nights and game nights and sneak in as much family time as possible. 

I am thrilled to meet the families in Comfrey and excited to have a fun year full of growth and learning. If you ever have any questions or concerns reach out to me. 
My Husband Randy and I!

Contact: Kimberly Shideler
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