We at Comfrey Public School envision a learning environment that offers a solid foundation of academics in a safe and enthusiastic atmosphere. We strive to nurture partnerships with the district students, staff and a supportive community. We are committed to excellence in education, individual involvement, lifelong learning and responsible citizenship for all.


At Comfrey Public School, our mission is to develop the life skills needed for our students to be successful. We provide individual attention and involvement opportunities; emphasizing quality education, respect, integrity and accountability.

GOAL 1: All students will be academically and technically prepared to gain the next level of education at the standard grade level.

                         Kindergarten Readiness: All children are ready for school.
                         Third Grade Literacy: All third-graders can read at grade level.
                         Achievement Gap: All racial and economic achievement gaps between students are closed.
                         Graduation Rate: All students graduate from high school.
                         College and Career Readiness: All students are ready for career and college.

GOAL 2: A positive climate of collaboration and high quality instruction will be created and sustained by providing effective professional development and ongoing staff training for all staff.

Goal 3: Rigorous standards-based curriculum and authentic research-based instruction will be provided for all students.

GOAL 4: Comfrey Public School will continually engage all students, families, staff and community by developing and sustaining a respectful and welcoming school experience.

Goal 5: All students will have access to a 21st Century learning environment that prepares students for college and career.

GOAL 6: Comfrey Public School will maintain fiscal integrity and transparency.