What is the School Counselor?
As the School Counselor at Comfrey Public School I have the opportunity to be a vital part of your child’s education team.  I assist students in areas of academic achievement, personal/social development as well as career search and development.  One of my goals are to ensure students of today to become productive and well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.  I am advocate for each student helping them become who they are and help them achieve their goals and dreams.
On a monthly basis I visit the elementary classrooms and share character education lessons and learning games.  Operation Respect is a highlight in my month’s activities.  Developing a positive rapport with all students is an important aspect of being a school counselor.  Elementary students learn through fun activities and open discussions while we focus on conflict resolution, diversity issues, anti-bullying techniques, and characteristics of friendships.  These and many more topics help foster a caring, compassionate, and cooperative classroom and overall school environment.
The Operation KIDS WHO CARE program is an opportunity for elementary students to ‘shine’.  Each month students in Kindergarten through grade six are recognized for their unconditional and random acts of kindness while in school.  The student’s enthusiasm and positive response has been rewarding.
Students are encouraged to come to visit for individual counseling.  This is a time when students can confidentially share. As the school counselor I am one who will listen and help them with some of life’s challenges.  Students can add the school counselor to the list of people they can turn to when they need help. In all aspects of my role I respect each student and help them with problem solving skills and decision-making.  Each day is different and challenging, which makes my job so fulfilling and rewarding.  Your child is a special gift – thank you for sharing them with all of us at Comfrey Public School
Comfrey Scholarship Opportunities
Comfrey Area Dollars for Scholars
Members of the graduating class who have submitted a complete an acceptable application will be considered for a $ 1000.00 Dollar for Scholars Scholarship.  The scholarship is to be used at the post-secondary institution of his/her choice.  Scholarship winners will be selected by the Board of Directors of Comfrey Area Dollars for Scholars and will be announced at graduation.  The scholarship check will be dispersed after the student has completed the first semester of post-secondary and shows verification that he/she has earned at least 2.5 GPA and is enrolled as fulltime student in a post-secondary institution second semester.  Verification should be shown to Tammy Kelly, treasurer of Comfrey Area Dollars for Scholars.  If a student does not attend a post-secondary institution the first year following graduation, the scholarship will be forfeited.
To apply, complete the application form, one recommendation (from non-relative), an essay (word-processed, double-spaced, 200-300 words) entitled: “What Ideas Do You Have to Make a Small School Survive?” or “How Attending a Small School Will Help You Reach Your Personal Goals & Aspirations” and a resume of achievements and involvements in Grades 9 –12.   The Electronic application must also be completed on the Dollars for Scholars website by the deadline.  

Completed applications are due to Mrs. Tews no later than :April 3, 2018
Richard and Mary Lou Mathiowetz Family Scholarship
The Richard and Mary Lou Mathiowetz Family Scholarship has provided scholarships for seniors in Comfrey, Sleepy Eye Public, Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s, and Springfield schools.  The scholarships are based on individual character, recommendations, an essay, and future potential.  Preference is given to students majoring in engineering, agriculture, or business.  The Mathiowetz scholarship applications are available from Mrs. Tews.  Application deadline: _Monday, April 9, 2018
Samuelson Memorial Scholarship
 A $500.00 annual scholarship has been created by the Samuelson family to honor Robert Samuelson, a Comfrey High School alumnus, local farmer, former teacher and school board member.  The scholarship is based on financial need and on qualities that Sam demonstrated: personal integrity, commitment to education, and willingness to work hard and service to others.  An essay is required in this application.  Applications are available from Mrs. Tews.  Deadline: Friday, April 13, 2018
Kyle Kopischke Memorial Baseball Scholarship

The Kyle Kopischke Baseball Memorial Scholarship runs through Comfrey Area Dollars for Scholars in Memory of Kyle.  Kyle was a 2007 graduate of Comfrey School. He loved baseball and was an avid baseball player both in school and with community teams. Kyle lived and worked in St. Cloud where tragically, in November 2012, he died in a house fire. This scholarship is a tribute him.
To be eligible to apply you must be a current Comfrey high school baseball player. The scholarship is worth $1000.00 and to be used at the post-secondary institution of your choice. The scholarship recipient will be selected from the completed applications by a panel consisting of Comfrey School administration, guidance counselor, classroom teacher, coach and a community member.  Applications are available from Mrs. Tews.  Deadline date: Monday, April 16, 2018
Comfrey Lion’s Club Scholarship
The Comfrey Lion’s Club created a $ 300.00 scholarship to be given to a graduating Comfrey senior.  The student demonstrating excellence in the areas of academics, community service, and extracurricular activities are the criteria, which determine the recipient.   
Darfur Sportsman Club Scholarship
The Darfur Sportsman Club created an annual $500.00 scholarship through Comfrey Dollars for Scholars.  All graduating seniors from Comfrey Public School are eligible to apply for this scholarship.  The scholarship is to be used at the post-secondary institution of the recipient’s choice.  Upon successful completion of the first semester of education, the scholarship will be awarded.   Application is available from Mrs. Tews and is due on Friday, April 20, 2018
New Ulm Area Sport Fishermen/EE Mecklenberg Environmental Scholarship
At least one $500 scholarship will be awarded.  Students must be planning a career in the environmental field and intend to enroll in an accredited 2 or 4-year university or college. The scholarship check will be disbursed after the recipient has completed the first quarter/semester of college in the fall and shows verification that he/she has earned a minimum 2.250 GPA during the first quarter/semester of college.  Students must submit a high school transcript (GPA will be considered, but will not necessarily be a determining factor).  Students must submit at least two (no more than three) letters of recommendation.  (At least one should be from your school and one from an outside source.)  Students must submit a resume showing any environmental work or activities (paid or volunteer) you have done.  Students must write an essay (no more than one page) telling us about yourself, why the environment is important to you, and what your future goals are.  Applications are due by   March 20, 2018
Wingert Realty & Land Services Inc.
Charles & RoseLynn Wingert Scholarship
A $1000.00 scholarship has been created through Comfrey Dollars for Scholars by Wingert Realty & Land Services Inc., Charles & RoseLynn (Rathman) Wingert.   RoseLynn Rathman, daughter of Val and Marian Rathman is a 1975 graduate from Comfrey Public school.  Wingert Realty & Land Services, Inc. have done several land sales/auctions in the Comfrey area and wanted to show their gratitude and encourage young people to continue the dream of a career in the agricultural field.  All graduating seniors from Comfrey Public School are eligible to apply for this scholarship.  The recipient will be chosen on the basis of individual character and recommendations.  The scholarship is intended to go to a student planning to pursue a career in agriculture or engineeringIf no candidate meets the criteria, it is preferred the recipient have an agricultural background.  Application is available from Mrs. Tews and is due on Friday, April 27, 2018
Minnesota Valley Chapter 642
Experimental Aircraft Association
Chapter 642 of the Experimental Aircraft Association is offering up to two (2) $1000.00 scholarships to assist high school students in the southern MN area who have an interest in learning to fly or acquire the skill to build or repair aircraft (aircraft mechanic).  The applicant does not have to be solely interested in aviation as a career.  Application forms are available on line at www.642.eaachapter.org.Forms can be downloaded, copied, or requested from the EAA selection committee – 32128 490th Street, Kasota, MN  56050 or call 507-947-3084.  Application deadline is :  May 15
Vaughn O. Sinclair Scholarship
Seniors residing in Watonwan county and planning to pursue a career in Agriculture are encouraged to apply for the Vaughn O. Sinclair Scholarship.  This $1000.00 scholarship is available from the school counselor.  Completed application due:  _______________________

Mayo Clinic Healthcare Foundation Scholarship
Scholarships are available to high school seniors or graduates who are planning to pursue a career in a health care field.  Seniors or graduates from Comfrey high school, Cedar Mountain, Wabasso, Red Rock Central, and Springfield are eligible to apply.  Applications are available from the school counselor.  Completed applications are due no later than April 25, 2018 and mailed to:
Dawn Buddensiek, Exec. Admin. Asst.
Mayo Clinic Health System – Springfield
625 N. Jackson Avenue
Springfield, MN  56087

Windom Area Hospital
A member of Sanford Health
Windom Area Hospital is offering several $1000.00 continuing education scholarships to local students are interested in pursuing a career in a healthcare field.  Scholarships will be awarded based on leadership, character, integrity, community service, and a commitment to following a course of study relevant to healthcare.  Scholarships are for one year only.  Recipients may apply for scholarships in subsequent years, as the foundation intends to continue the program in the future.  Forms are available from the school counselor or found online at www.windomareahowspital.com/about-us/foundation-donations/ .  Completed application is due  March 9, 2018.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Foundation Chairperson, Alice Huebert, at 507-831-1322 or Emily Masters at 507-831-0625.

Wallace Krause Memorial Scholarship
for Agriculture

The Wallace Krause Memorial Scholarship for Agriculture scholarship application is available from the school counselor.  This $1000.00 scholarship will be awarded to one student from the following school districts: RRC, Mt. Lake/Butterfield-Odin, Windom, Westbrook Walnut Grove, Southwest Star Concept, Comfrey, St. James, and JCC.  The applicant must be a high school senior attending one of the above schools and enrolled in the area of Agriculture at a 2-year or 4-year post-secondary school.  Completed application must be received by                                                  .  For further information, see the school counselor, Mrs. Tews
River Valley Whitetails Branch of 
Quality Deer Management Association
2018 Scholarship

Terms of the Scholarship 
1.  The applicant must currently be a current senior with a 2.5 minimum GPA at Springfield Public School, Cedar       Mountain Public SChool, Comfrey Public School, Sleepy Eye Public School, or Red Rock Central School. 
2.  Three scholarships of $250.00 will be distributed.
3.  The recipient must attend a four (4) year college or university or a two (2) year college or technical school.
4.  The applicant must be a hunter.
5.  Scholarship money will be awarded during the River Valley Whitetails Branch of QDMA Banquet in September.

Appilcation and Selection
1.  Applicants must submit the completed application form to your School Counselor by May 4, 2018.
2.  The recipient of the scholarship will be notified prior to the River Valley Whitetails Branch of QDMA Banquet in September.


Brown County Rural Electrical Association (REA) is pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity.  Five (5)  $200 scholarships will be awarded to students whose parents/guardians are members and live in Brown County REA's service area. Funds for the scholarships come from members who chose to round up their electric bill to the nearest dollar each month.  The difference is placed in a trust which is administered by a nine-member board which meets four times each year to distribute funds to charitable causes, individuals and families in crisis and scholarships.  More information and the application is available on the REA website at http://www.browncountyrea.coop.‚Äč   Please see Mrs. Tews for more information.  Application deadline is April 2, 2018.