Regular School Board Meeting
Comfrey Public School
June 15, 2015
  • Members Present: Meyer, Nachreiner, Peterson, Samuelson, Schumacher, Toll.
  • Members Absent: None.
  • Also Present: C. Gode, T. Holub, B. Longerbone, and K. Hillesheim.
  • Chair Schumacher called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
  • Reading of Comfrey Public School’s Vision and Mission Statement.
  • Recognition of Donations:  $50.00 in memory of Bob Rathman (Class of 1952) for tree(s) at the baseball field; and $50.00 in memory of Julie Schmitt for stove for FACS Room.
  • Consent Agenda:
            Approve Agenda for June 15, 2015.
Approve Minutes of the May 18, 2015 School Board Meeting.
Approve bills in the amount of $20,468.58 and June Payroll not available at this time.
Motion to approve by Samuelson/Peterson.
  • Approval of T & C Service Center Bill: Bill in the amount of $67.05; Motion to approve by Nachreiner/Meyer.  Abstained: Toll. M/C
  • Public Forum: Questions about facility availability after keycard system is installed.
Old Business
  • Facilities Usage Policy recommendations (discussion). Quarterly meetings for parents to sign up to supervise a specific time and age group.  Schedule will be posted on website and gym door.  Supervisor will have keycard that only works for that approved time frame.  Supervisors need to be physically present. Policy will be presented at July board meeting.
  • Aid Anticipation Borrowing – information presented by Superintendent Hutchison stating that this will not be required at this time.
New Business
  • Approved requesting of bids for milk and bread for 2015-2016: Motion to approve by Meyer/Peterson. M/C
  • Approved requesting of quotations for fuel for 2015-2016: Motion to approve by Nachreiner/Samuelson. M/C
  • Approved nursing contract with Brown County Public Health for 2015-2016: Motion to approve by Peterson/Meyer. M/C
  • Policy revisions.
            Policy 205 Open & Closed Meetings.  Motion to approve by Samuelson/Nachreiner. M/C
            Policy 406 Personnel Data.  Motion to approve by Nachreiner/Peterson. M/C
            Policy 410 Family & Medical Leave. Motion to approve by Meyer/Samuelson. M/C
            Policy 413 Harassment & Violence. Motion to approve by Samuelson/Nachreiner. M/C
            Policy 425 Staff Development. Motion to approve by Peterson/Meyer. M/C
            Policy 208 Development, Adoption, and Implementation of Policies (first reading).
  • Approved budget for FY 2016. Motion to approve by Toll/Peterson. M/C
  • Personnel.
      Approved the hiring of Alexandria Chaney in the daycare. Motion to approve by Meyer/Nachreiner. M/C
      Approve hiring of Daniel Hup for PE/Health teaching position. Motion to approve by Samuelson/Peterson. M/C
     Approve Special Education overload for Tammy Hesse and Linda Schwab. Motion to approve by Toll/Meyer. M/C
      Approve resignation of Nettie Kelly.  Motion to reluctantly approve by Meyer/Samuelson. M/C
  • Closed meeting at 8:35pm for negotiations discussion.  Re-opened at 8:49pm.
Administrator’s Report: Superintendent Hutchison reported on the new school brochures which include our unique qualities; working at car show during Comfrey Days on Sunday, June 12th 9am-2pm; Phase I and II offered again for board members on Aug. 4th in Brooklyn Park; math position has a couple interviews; and information for first legislative session.
Committee Reports
  • Negotiations: tentative agreement, non-certified getting together soon.
  • Meet and Confer: no meeting.
  • Community Ed: no meeting.
  • Pairing and Sharing: no meeting.
  • Harold Anderson: no meeting.
  • Appeals: no meeting.
  • Library: meeting next Monday, June 22nd.
  • Academic and Curriculum: no meeting.
  • Policy: no meeting.
  • Buildings and Grounds: Gary Poortvliet is working on the North side of the building.
Motion to adjourn at 9:09 pm.
Respectfully submitted by:
__________________________________                ____________________________________
Loren Schumacher, Chairman                                Andrea Toll, Clerk