All breakfast is served with fruit, juice and milk.  Cereal is always an option.
All lunch is served with fruit, juice, fresh vegetables and milk.  
Menu subject to change.

1    Cereal, Cinnamon Roll
4    Cereal, Pop Tart
5    French Toast, Sausage Patty
6    Toast, Cereal
7    Breakfast Pizza, Yogurt
8    Cereal, Frudel
11  Cereal, Muffin
12  Pancake, Ham Patty
13  Toast, Cereal
14  Breakfast Pizza
15  Cereal, Breakfast Bar
18  Cereal, Donut
19  Waffle, Sausage Patty
20  Toast, Cereal
21-22  NO SCHOOL
25  Cereal, Bagel
26  Pancake Wrap, Yogurt
27  Toast, Cereal
28  Breakfast Pizza, String Cheese
29  Cereal, Breakfast Round

1    Pizza, Vegetable
4    BBQ Rib/Bun, Carrots
5    Taco in a Bag, Lettuce/Cheese/Salsa, Potatoe Ole
6    Chicken Nuggets, Baked Beans
7    Sub Sandwich, Sun Chip, Cole Slaw
8    Pizza, Green Beans
11  Hot Dog/Bun, Baked Beans
12  Spaghetti, Meat Sauce, Garlic Toast
13  Fish Sticks or Square, Broccoli
14  Ham Patty, French Toast Sticks, Hash Browns
15  Hot Chicken/Bun, Carrots
18  Chili, Nachos/Cheese/Salsa
19  Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes
20  BBQ/Bun, Green Beans
21-22  NO SCHOOL
25  Hamburger/Bun, Baked Beans
26  Chicken Fajitas, Peppers/Onions
27  Pizza, Corn
28  Chow Mein, Oriental Vegetables, Rice/Crispy Noodles
29  Hot Dog/Bun, Tri Taters

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