Juniors, seniors, and some sophomores are eligible for PSEO classes. Eligibility is based on class rank, GPA, ACT scores, MCA scores and Accuplacer scores. In order to be successful in PSEO classes, students should be self-motivated and must be able to stay on task without direct supervision. If you take a PSEO class, you are a college student and are responsible for staying informed about class expectations. 

If you meet the requirements and want to take a PSEO class, these are the steps you need to take:
  1. Meet with Mrs. Hutchison to inform her that you want to take a PSEO class. This must be done in April or May in order to register for fall classes. If you wish to enroll in spring classes, this meeting needs to happen in October. Scheduling this meeting is your responsibility. If you do not schedule the meeting, you will miss the enrollment window and will have to wait a semester before trying again.
  2. You have two options for finding classes to enroll in:
    • Use the links on this site to contact colleges and ask for enrollment information.
    • Contact any college in Minnesota that offers PSEO classes and ask for enrollment information.
  3. Complete the College Application Form and enrollment form for the college you choose. College websites will have these forms for you.
  4. Complete the transcript request form on this site.
  5. Get required signatures from Mrs. Hutchison.
  6. Send all forms to the college.
Once you are registered, you are responsible for setting up all online accounts and communicating with the college and your course instructor to make sure you know how to work with D2L, when the course starts, and what books and materials are required. You must also complete the form in PSEO Registration Data.

If you start the class and decide to drop it, you must drop it within the class drop period. If you choose to drop a class after the drop period, you are responsible for tuition and fees incurred from the class, and you will not receive credit fro the class.

Contact: Kirsten Hutchison
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